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For businesses belonging to industries prone to high levels of staff turnover and a limited talent pool, more often than not volume hire requirements add multifold to the internal recruitment payload with the lingering possibility of not always getting the caliber of staff you need. This is where Avsar can bring in the most effective solution to the equation between volumes, quality and time. Our Volume Hiring Services are customizable, scalable and flexible to assist with all or some of your hiring steps of screening, interviewing, job offer, background check, and, onboarding - catering to all types of industries.

Today, when the shift is seen more towards the employment market being driven with candidates in the driver’s seat, research indicates top talent is available for an average no longer than a fortnight. Which means time lost screening candidates who do not fit the bill, means in the meantime, losing potent candidates to the competition who could have made your final cut. Our customized candidate screening and talent assessment methodologies ensure that your hiring managers gets a shot at the best before they are grabbed on by anyone else.


We deliver on volume hiring needs, by a three-fold targeting of the requirements - in terms of knowledge, aptitude and attitude for the role - providing you with the best that is available out there in the market. Along with the right fit, we also ensure that your volume requirements are managed with impressive turnarounds, aided by our top-quality sourcing which ensures first-touch conversions of candidates for their roles. With this approach, we stand proficient catering to all your staffing requirements – anywhere in the country.


Our volume hiring division can easily partner with organisations of all sizes and deliver best-fit talent across industries. We function as an extension of your HR organization to handle the recruitment needs of your business. You can leverage our experience of working across geographies and industries to streamline recruitment process outsourcing solutions that contribute to improved productivity and performance. With a conscious effort to understand the job market, we extensively identify and filter candidates to pick the best fit for you. Our teams have the expertise and the bandwidth to research the community, industry and position along with maintaining a record of relationships with previous clients - together both helping create pipelines that run perennially to have you covered for all your volume needs.





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