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With the onset of the start-up era, a booming economy, and more entrepreneurs stealing the limelight – it is no surprise that India Inc is on a hiring spree, and how.! And inadvertently – triggering an exponential growth in the needs of temporary staffing requirements. Avsar has found itself in the thick of all of this action – supporting this new direction with its extensive experience in temporary staffing and recruitment solutions. Irrespective of the kind of personnel you're looking for, or the duration, we can bring the right talents to you. When the need is for people for a short duration, a limited project, or to your seasonal staffing requirements, we can help you with our flexible temporary staffing solutions with the following primary prospects:

Temporary Workforce: Add staff when you need it with flexibility to meet your market demands.
Temporary Until Hired: Ensure that employees are a good fit for your organization before making final hiring decisions.
On-site Representation: Our on-site implants provide you with the resources, talent, and expertise to ensure optimal performance of your large-scale temporary workforce throughout your company.
Payroll services: Temporary employees who will stay on our rolls, eliminating the administrative burden associated with payroll deductions, insurance, workers' compensation, and more.

Our professional consultants are adept at helping employers find solutions to their temporary staffing requirements in their preferred location. Our end to end solutions in the temporary staffing realm includes the following:


We have successfully supported businesses of varied industries and sizes with our strong payroll management systems. Our dynamic technology platforms offer data management, automation, and, simple user interface that minimizes the costs and time associated with payroll processes. If you want the flexibility of an agile, on-demand workforce, we have tailor made solutions for you with our Payroll services highlighted by:

Temporary employees who will stay on our rolls
Standard contractual procedures that we will handle
Payroll and personnel administration
Statutory compliance, remittance of statutory payments, and other related administration

Our payroll services will save you time and money while mitigating risk and ensuring compliance. We help you remove redundant data entry procedures, diminish paperwork while saving time and cutting costs. Our payroll professionals become your payroll department, handling your payroll from starting to end.

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