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India shows promising uptrends in terms of job growth, and, organizations across industries are on a hiring spree. We at Avsar absolutely understand the value and significance of you finding the right talents at the right times. For all your lateral requirements, we get you the advantage by bringing forth talents with a double-edged approach, focusing both on your experience needs as well as expertise needs.



Lateral hiring adds to the skillset and the level of expertise in a field that will prove more valuable for your company in a positive way. Given the intensity and enormity of demand for such employees, talented and skilled professionals have to be literally conjured out. These are much sought-after people, which even your competitors are looking for! Add to this the challenge where the candidates are familiar with work environments, appraisal scale, adaptability, attrition and vitality in value addition. Hence, they expect more from the forthcoming offer. Few of the common challenges that prove to be deal-breakers for these employees even before considering interviewing with the employer include an unclear job description and improper communication on the roles and responsibilities.

To overcome these bottlenecks in hiring lateral talent, we at Avsar ensure:
- Connecting the prospective candidates to their expectations in terms of roles and requirements
- Highlighting the culture, work environment and perks to make them more familiar and comfortable with your company
- Accentuate the employee attributes in your company

Today, marketing is the In-thing in Recruitment. We market your job requisitions using the leading Social Media Platforms. This indirectly also helps you build a brand persona. This passive search in executive recruitment process requires expertise and a strong network, to hunt the right resource for you. Apart from Social Media, our experienced Passive job Search Team, garners candidates through its exclusive network of Referrals as well. We are adept at hunting passive candidates and making use of our rich network to acquire the right resource. Our experience gives us leverage over our competitors. 

In all, with your association with us, we help you hire candidates who strike the perfect balance between meeting the job’s requirements and complementing your company’s ethos. Be it for your niche positions or the more traditional requirements, we help you find the best talent in the shortest possible time. Our extensive experience in Lateral Hiring ensures you get the right fit to help you realize both your short-term business goals as well as your long-term business vision.

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