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What makes CXO Executive hiring unique from other hiring processes is the level of in-depth understanding of client requirements, industry trends and expertise in interacting with industry veterans that is expected from a recruiting partner. Our core Hiring Team, comprised of domain experts in Talent Acquisition, actively studies and researches client requirements to ensure that only candidates with the right fit and strategic mindset are sourced at the C-Suite level. Our recruiters have years of experience in hiring the best, which beyond getting the best of CxOs, also gives you leaders for your ‘Power positions’ who are capable to take your business to the next level.

Our focus is on ensuring the alignment between client and executive expectations so that we provide a channel of communication to diligently work towards the same. While we understand the immense significance of your executive team in conceptualizing your mission, we strive to deliver to you the best fits of skill and will for your executive search. We cover your recruitment needs, through the Leadership and Executive spectrum, ensuring that every position is provided for. The Methodology for CXO & Executive Search, which Avsar will undertake, is as outlined below:


Head Hunt 

Schedule Interview in Conjunction with Hiring Team

Present Shortlist to Hiring Managers and Leadership


Understand the Technical, Personal, Industry Specification

Confirm with a Brief on Every Aspect of the Search 

Technical Competency

Leadership Evaluation

Cultural Fit


Offer Negotiations

Execute Formal Contracts

We leverage our deep-rooted and wide-spread industry networks, head-hunt expertise and internal research resources to identify the right talents. To continuously keep building on the best talent strategies, we constantly keep abreast of all the latest and most important trends – in and across industries, and continually innovate our services to keep that competitive edge sharp. With our CxO and Executive Search, we ensure the best outcomes by targeting every potential candidate, not just those actively seeking roles, resulting in the best fits ensuring your business sail is in the right hands.

Our structured search process ensures that we have multiple levels of Validation to enable a higher success rate. Seamless networking, time proven search strategies and broad industry experience has given us the competitive edge to recruit top class executive teams in record time, to the complete satisfaction of our clients. 

We have a dedicated team of senior consultants who have rich experience in various domains, wide network of contacts with executives, and can understand the business and deliver solutions with utmost proficiency. Through our CxO and Executive Search services, we have helped companies build superior leadership teams at board and top management level positions for large and mid-size companies. Trust is at the heart of our long-lasting client relationships, built on a record of proven results. A significant number of our engagements are with clients with whom we have had longstanding partnerships to build leadership teams. Our client relationships range from large conglomerates to medium sized corporations.

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