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From recruiting to retirement, HR leaders handle a variety of compliance issues related to employees. There are numerous laws and regulations governing the employment relationship which must be understood and navigated in order to help ensure the organization avoid exorbitant fines and other penalties, including the potential harm to the organization’s goodwill. Legal compliance is a must. Without adherence to the letter of the law, apart from not being the right thing to do, it also lingers large the possibility of bringing in burdens of costly litigations and the unwanted potential of untold damage to your business and more importantly its reputation. Effective compliance management protects you from these risks. Compliance Management might sound like a lot of extra work, but the good news is - we are here to take care of it for you. Our timely compliance of various statutes and labor laws allows you to manage and concentrate on the primacies that constantly change your business environment.

The value of compliance is obvious, and outsourcing to the right partner will ensure systematic compliance and also back you with insights into compliance. Our process-oriented services make our clients comply with all the laws in respect of employment of Human Resource and insulate them from all legal liabilities. As part of our Compliance Management Suite, we provide you with real-time compliance for your end-to-end payroll with us. This service proposition from us ensures that your focus stays on your core business drivers and profitability. By taking care of all HR and Compliance needs of your contractual employees, we help you meet your project goals with significant time as well as cost benefits, and, helping you stay compliant to all statutory requirements at all times.

Our Compliance Management Services address your requirements in the domain of regulatory and labour law compliance. In order to be future-ready for your ever-growing scale of operations, we have developed a strong infrastructure and robust processes that are designed to handle large scale and diverse compliance requirements of our clients across locations. We have invested consistently in people, technology and processes in order to successfully deliver on our objective of end-to-end Compliance Management for our clients, focusing on the key factors of adherence to regulatory compliance, accuracy, and, strict SLAs for workflow completions.

Whichever methods and tools we choose, we keep these following basics in mind to ensure that you are covered for:

- There is only one benchmark for compliance - To be 100% compliant at all times
- Keep abreast of all the news and know-hows of the Compliance World so that you are ready and prepared for every new mandate 
- Conduct periodic compliance audits at regular intervals to ensure adherence to all compliance requirements
- Report and tackle non-compliance incidents , if any, without delay
- Systems for compliance reporting and record keeping










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